Wilderness Hollow II Meeting Minutes 5/19/2019
Call to order: 4:34pm

In attendance: Pam, Maggie, Erin            |Call to order: 4:34 pm           End meeting 5:45 pm

1.     Old Business

a.    Approve minutes from last meeting- approved

b.    Accounts needing attention:

                                          i.    Trailer still parked in driveway as of 5/18/19

1.     Send find again there are weeds growing around the trailer

2.     Liens on homes. Vote to approve liens – Approve

2.     New Business

a.    MyHOA up and running?

                                          i.    Questions about the website, login, accessibility

1.     About to log in, but the site is not fully up and running

2.     Feedback

a.    ACH vs. Autopay through bank

b.    Park

                                          i.    Play chips needed ASAP-

1.     Sent MyHOA an email and they are getting a quote from Tim 6/1

                                         ii.    Establish Community versus Wilderness Hollow II Park – table for meeting with MyHOA member is present to discuss further.

1.     Pro: Community park = grants

2.     Cons: insurance and liability

                                        iii.    Garbage still a big issue

1.     Send letter to those who are responsible for the garbage

a.    will get address to send to MyHOA

2.     Discuss with MyHOA what to do further

                                        iv.    Swing

1.     Purchased a tool to fix it and it will be installed

a.    Reimburse Pam for tool from petty cash

c.    Property Maintenance – will gather addresses to send to MyHOA

                                          i.    6-8 lawns are extremely overgrown –

1.     Letters need to go out

                                         ii.    Garbage cans-

1.     Letters need to go out

                                        iii.    Sidewalk maintenance

1.     How picky can we be about this?

                                        iv.    Tree removal questions

1.     Front yard removal approved

                                         v.    24904 Fence extension

1.     Walked the property-Approved

d.    Monument

                                          i.    Update the paint and plant flowers

e.    Neighborhood Day/BBQ - Email and door flyers

                                          i.    Talent show, pet/kid parade

                                         ii.    Community yard sale

                                        iii.    Book/library exchange

                                        iv.    Local business referrals

                                         v.    Community preparedness- neighborhood map in case of emergencies 

3.     New Paint Pallet

Update colors for 2020 as homes will start to need to be painted soon