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Wilderness Hollow II Meeting Agenda 8/22/2019
Call to order: 6:04pm
In attendance: MyHOA-online.com LLC, Pam, Erin, Maggie
Old Business
  • Approve Minutes from last meeting- Approved
    • Accounts needing addressed:
      • trailer still parked in driveway as of 5/18/19
      • Is current on his account at this time.
        • Start notification process for fines if the trailer says on the property.
        • A card will be sent with 10-day notice and every 10 days thereafter and the 3rd letter will be a fine ($125 per notice)
  • Liens on homes.  Vote to approve the liens or lien warning
    • Discussed owner passed due late charge on issue 5286
      • board voted to waive fines
  • PLAY CHIPS NEEDED ASAP- go over quote
    • 2 bids – waiting for 1 more to come in
      • Park bark and play area chips
      • Play area chips only 
        • Vote to do play area only and authorizes MyHOA to do it on lowest bid
  • Est Community Park versus Wilderness Hollow II Park.
    • Pros / Cons will be discussed at the annual meeting
  • garbage still a big issue
  • dog poop
Neighborhood DAY /BBQ: email and door flier 
  • book/library box
  • local business referrals (lawn maintenance, moss removal, gutter cleaning, etc)
  • community preparedness: neighborhood map in case of emergencies
NEW Business:
  • MyHOA Up and Running
    • Yes, it is up and running and board was given some guidance on opening issues and viewing budget
  • Unanimous vote to update the Due, Fees, Assessment and Delinquency Policy in rules section 1 to reflect current lien filing/release fee of $330, and transfer fee to be dictated by what the management company currrently charges for it (currently $75 at time of vote but may increase).
  • Money deposited to our reserve account in error by Assoc Svcs in May 2018. Vote was unanimous to return the money to the correct HOA, Micheal to do so next week.
  • Eydie to contact Well manager to clean up well area and city to repair storm fence and weed around pond
  • Eydie to get bids on trimming perimeter trees and refresh of monument area
  • Increased Dues amount was never implemented
    • Board needs to discuss what the plan is
  • Old fees were significantly more than MyHOA; can those funds go into reserves?
    • Yes, these fees can be put into the reserves
  • Writing new budget for next year
    • MyHOA will take on this task for us to review
    • Reserve Study will need to be done, they are $870 per year (legally you are supposed to do them every year) 3rd party makes list of asset and figure out what the remaining life span will be of the asset (Play structure, fence, basketball court eg.) and when it will need to be replaced and tell you how much you will need to save per year to be able to afford it with out having to do any special assessments
      • Site study every 3 years and the off 2 years will be a review study
  • Check on water bill – there are no bills in the system
    • MyHOA will look into this and get back to board
  • Park Swing reimbursement to Pam – $51.47
    • Submitted to MyHOA; will be processed tomorrow
  • Any questions regarding our website, login, accessibility
  • Feedback
  • Facebook account, responses? https://www.facebook.com/groups/WildernessHollow2
  • Documenting issues, uploading pictures, etc.
Lawn/Property Maintenance
  • What is the process for reporting issues?
    • Walk through of how to report when taking picture try and get the address in the picture
      • 6-8 lawns extremely overgrown
      • Garbage cans
      • RV parking
WHII Entrance Clean-Up/Refresh:
  • Get quote for tree pruning- still waiting
  • Remove dead rhododendron and dracaena- tie into landscape bid
  • Overflow Fence to be fixed by city – 8/21 City taking pictures of fence
Paint Pallet Update:
Present new color options for those wanting to repaint- will get options by next meeting