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Wilderness Hollow II Annual and BOD Meeting Minutes December 4th, 2020 

called to order at 7:03pm

4 people required, 7 in person/proxy

Pam’s last meeting on the Board.


Issues Discussed in this order:

1)      Dues Increase

a.       $20,000 moved to Reserve

-for play structure, irrigation, etc.

2)  Expenses 2018 versus 2020

                Eydie to follow up with 2018 info.

                2019: $46,606.68

                2020: $42, 246.02

2)      Old Business

a.       Get Play Structure

b.       Reserve Study- $111/ month put into this

-increase dues $14.04/ month to get onto path of being fully funded.  $728/ year/ lot.

                c.     Fence Lifetime


3)            Budget- Savings $1218.00

                 a.    Leak adjustment refund- August, $600 refund from water company

                                -timer replaced

                                -heads replaced

                b.    Park lights always on

                c.     Trees need trimmed around well, pathway needs maintenance.

Budget accepted / approved, passed unanimously.

Dues to be 2 payments, biyearly.


3)           Fines – able as of August 2020 to apply fines

a.          Trailer picture and gutters to admin@myhoaonline.com

b.           Moss on several roofs,  detached gutters, etc.

4)           Pam is OUT!

a.       Pam nominates Ben to the Board

b.       Pam along with Kelly Robertson to be ACC committee

-          Issues, training to be set up

Other Issues Discussed:

1)      Scott S. requests that the city be contacted about the trees on parking strips( of WHI and WHIII) at entrance.

-          Owners need to maintain.

2)      Parking of too many cars in cul-de-sac

a.       Making it too narrow for emergency vehicles if needed

b.       Cars haven’t moved in a while

3)      Ben to be Treasurer

4)      Maggie to be President

5)      Erin remains as Secretary


All Votes ratified unanimously, entered into the minutes as part of the record.   8:44pm