Rules and Regulations
The Board of Directors has discussed the importance of uniform, consistent, and fair application and enforcement of the Association's Covenants. This sometimes requires having to reasonably determine the meaning of particular words in a section of the Covenants that are capable of being interpreted in different ways.
The Board has decided it would be helpful to adopt a policy on how the Association will interpret and apply "single-family". The term is used in Article XII, Section 1 of the Declaration of Covenants but is not defined therein. Adopting this Policy will provide guidance to members in the use of their homes, especially where homes are leased to third parties.
The Board, in arriving at this Interpretation Policy, has considered many factors, including without limitation the typical size of homes in the community, the typical number of bedrooms or capacity of the homes, the level of traffic, parking/street capacity, noise, and sanitation/waste concerns, all of which are exacerbated by overcrowding, and all of which affect or impact the safety of members and quality of life in the community.
Accordingly, the Board, in the interest and for the benefit of the community, adopts the following enforcement policy:
Hereafter, "Single-Family" as used within the governing documents of the Association, shall be interpreted as meaning that no more than 2.5 people per bedroom (adults or children) shall reside at any one time within a home. Further, there shall be no more than three (3) adults (unrelated and/or related by blood or marriage) residing at any one time within a home. This interpretation will not apply to people with disabilities or families with children.
However, not withstanding anything to the contrary therein, this policy shall not be construed and is not intended to permit children's daycare operations.
Nothing in or about this policy is intended to change, alter, or amend any part of Declaration of Covenants, and its provisions remain the same and will be properly enforced by the Association.
Dated and Adopted by the Board of Directors this 14th day of July 2008.