Rules - Section Three
3.1 Each Lot shall be maintained by the Homeowner in a neat, clean and attractive condition at all times and shall be kept free of accumulations of litter, junk, and other debris.
3.2 All landscaping areas, including sidewalk planting strip extending into the city right-of-way, shall be regularly maintained and trimmed to present a clean, neat, and well-maintained appearance.
3.3 Trees, plants and shrubs will be maintained in a healthy manner. Dead or dying plants must be removed and replaced.
3.4 Dandelion, clover and other weeds shall not be allowed to propagate.
3.5 Lawns shall be watered and amended as needed to maintain a healthy appearance. Exceptions to this section are allowed in the event of official city or county water conservation requirements.
3.6 No grass cuttings, leaves, limbs, branches, and other debris from vegetation shall be dumped or allowed to accumulate on any part of the Properties, except that a regularly tended compost device shall be permitted as outlined in Article 9, Section 1 of the CC&Rs.
3.7 Owners who do not perform proper upkeep of their Lot shall receive notice as outlined in Rules, Section Two (Penalties, Enforcement Action, Sanction & Grievance) policy previously adopted and distributed.